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Accessibility tools utilized on our website

  • Zoom

    Zoom function enables site users to resize the predefined areas of the web site. Once a site viewer will click on "+" button it will increase all the HTML tags by 20%. If a site viewer will click on "-" button it will decrease all the HTML tags by 20% and if a viewer will click on 100% button it will show the actual font and size of all below tags.

  • Text Accessibility widget

    Sidebar tool to enlarge text size on the site for HTML tags.

  • WP User style Switcher

    List of stylesheets in the front end to allow visitors to choose a different stylesheet. Once a user selects the stylesheet from the dropdown menu it will be effected to the website background.

  • Accessibility Access Keys

    Allows a site administrator to create and maintain site-wide access keys for easy navigation by website end users. Parallel a site viewer can also use those short keys to access the web page directly. ( ALT+H) to go to the Home page ( ALT+A) to go to the About Us page ( ALT+R) to go to the Services page ( ALT+N) to go to the News page ( ALT+E) to go to the Events page ( ALT+V) to go to the Vehicles page ( ALT+C) to go to the Contact Us page

  • ResponsiveVoice Text To Speech

    Responsive Voice Text To Speech tool to navigate the website text to speech. User selects and highlights text from the website - it will show an speaker icon and when a user will click on that - text will be spoken.

  • Google Translator

    Google tool used to translate the website pages in selected language. Once a user selects any language the website page will be translated in that language.

  • Accessibility Toolbar

    Accessibility Toolbar is used to easily navigate the website. User can click on:- - first button reverse the colors on the page - second button works to greyscale / fadein-out on the page - third button is used to increase font size of specific HTML tags on the page

  • ResponsiveVoice Text to Speech

    Listen to any post or page with the tap of a button. Click on the "Listen to this" button and text will be converted to speech

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